Short Sale Negotiations!

If you cannot make your mortgage payments you may be facing a short sale of your home. Expert advice regarding Short Sale negotiations can save you thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars! In the state of Colorado, even after the foreclosure of your home, you may be facing a huge deficiency on the note. Large numbers of people have had their homes foreclosed, have lost everything, then got back on their feet financially, got a new home, and suddenly creditors are writing them or suing them about a debt they forgot about years ago, the remaining balance on the home after deducting the amount the creditor received in a foreclosure sale. More and more creditors are simply waiting for debtors to get acquire some assets before suing them to collect on deficiencies from homes they may have lost 5 years ago or more. They waited out the recession and now are trying to grab assets, garnish wages and bank accounts and even seize your new home!
They don’t always get their clients out of debt. Make sure you get experienced legal counsel if you are considering such a step.