Debt Relief!

If you have serious debt issues then you should call me for a free consultation, but first, the basics:

Is it more or less than $10,000? If it’s more, or if you have many different delinquent accounts you should consider professional advice.
How much does your spouse make? If you make more than the median income for your community you may have more difficulty qualifying for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy to get rid of all your debts. Here you need to have expert professional advice regarding what a reasonable repayment plan might look like, versus a Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy.
(like a large amount of equity — over $60,000 net equity — in your home) that a creditor might seize? Do you have other assets the creditor might take? (I.E. how vulnerable are you to a judgment, including wage garnishments).
By making a lump-sum payment than paying over time, do you have any available assets like a 401k or retirement account you could use to make a one-time settlement? Could you borrow money from a family member?