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What’s the Difference Between a Will and a Trust: Why On Earth Would I Ever Need a Trust?

By John Stege, Denver Estate Planning Attorney


A will is a written document that decides who gets your  assets after your death. Not all wills contain trusts. A trust can be created either in a will or separately to make payments on behalf of someone who is too young, too old or too disabled […]

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How To Stay Debt Free Once You Get There !

How To Stay Debt Free Once You Get There !

My business is helping people get out of debt. I provide debt relief counseling for consumer debtors, and attorney negotiation services for people who have unsecured credit card debt.

However, today I thought I’d give some ideas I have about how to stay out of debt once […]

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Federal Trade Commission Warns That Debt Relief Firms Offer Bad Deals For Consumers

This is not actually a great shock to any attorney who practices in the area of consumer debt relief or consumer bankruptcy, but the Federal Trade Commission now has an article warning consumers about the risks of dealing with Debt Settlement Firms on its consumer information web-site, Debt Settlement Has Risks. As part of their […]

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