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Your Debt Situation is really not as bad as you think! The Compassionate Lawyer’s Guide to Less Stress!

I just had an interesting conversation with a client today. He was worried about whether his creditor could seize his business assets. I was nonplussed. I said to him: “but nobody has even sued you yet, have they?” He said no. “Then how are they going to seize anything from you?” First they would need […]

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Debt Negotiation Made Simple: It’s All About Leverage!

If you are thinking of negotiating a settlement of your credit card or other unsecured debt you need to know the most important point: As any expert negotiator will tell you, all negotiations are about leverage — who has it and who doesn’t.

What The Creditor Wants: When you have defaulted in paying a consumer debt […]

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Debt Relief Is Like Bladder Control!

Nobody wants to talk about it or think about it unless there’s a problem. Nobody is hanging out on Facebook and Twitter saying “Isn’t bladder control great!” #bladdercontrol please!

Well, actually I checked and there really are a few people who tweet that, but I’d say most people don’t want to think about it, unless there’s […]

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Love, Authenticity and Truth In Debt Relief!

What You Need To Know About Debt Settlement Negotiations
As a Colorado attorney practicing in the areas of consumer debt negotiation and settlement and bankruptcy, I frequently wish my clients had come to me sooner for advice or assistance. So, I decided to write this article based on my experiences in consumer debt settlement negotiations with […]