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How much credit card or other unsecured debt do you have? If you have serious debt issues then you should call me for a free consultation. Read More!!

Short Sale Negotiations!

If you cannot make your mortgage payments you may be facing a short sale of your home. Expert advice regarding Short Sale negotiations can save you thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars! Read More!

Profile of John Stege, A Tough Negotiator!

John V. Stege, Esq. has been practicing in the areas of Debt Relief Negotiations, Bankruptcy, Estate Planning, Corporations and Real Estate law in Denver, Colorado since 1990, helping small businesses, professionals, and individuals with their debt relief, business and estate planning needs. Read More
  • What I do is simple. I’m an attorney who will negotiate on behalf of debtors with Banks, Credit Card Companies and collection agents to settle your debt for a fraction of your principal and interest balance. Typically many of my clients settle their debts for less than 50% of their total balances, sometimes much less.
  • To achieve these kinds of results it’s necessary to sit down with you and figure out what is the best strategy for you. Every circumstance and every personal situation is different and unique.
  • Then you need the protection of an attorney, because the rule with banks and credit card companies is that they are big bureaucracies that are not paid to care. They want you to pay every cent they decide you owe, including all the interest and penalties they add to your account as soon as you become late in your payments, regardless of your circumstances, or whether that’s remotely reasonable or even possible in your case.

About John V. Stege

Denver Debt Relief Attorney

  • My name is John V. Stege, attorney at law, a Denver Colorado attorney practicing in the areas of consumer debt relief, bankruptcy, small business, estate planning and real estate law, including short sale negotiations, since 1990.
  • My Purpose Is To Help You Get Out of Debt!
  • My purpose is to help you and guide you so that you can become debt free and achieve a fresh start. You may be struggling financially, feeling overwhelmed by your credit card debt or your bank debt. Odds are you have some life circumstance like an illness in the family, or loss of job that has caused you to lose income. At one point you were doing OK, even well financially. But, then something happened.
  • You may have been the victim of downsizing at your company, or your small business may be struggling in difficult economic circumstances. Whatever your exact situation, you feel highly stressed and uncertain about your financial future. You may be waking up in the middle of the night, or lying awake with anxiety, not knowing where to turn. You’re certainly not alone. And I want to tell you here and now that there are definitely solutions for your problems.
  • But it’s difficult to know where to turn for help or advice. You see endless advertisements for “Debt Solutions” including 800 numbers and “debt counselors” so you don’t know where to turn for help or what to do.

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How To Stay Debt Free Once You Get There !

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How To Stay Debt Free Once You Get There !

My business is helping people get out of debt. I provide debt relief counseling for consumer debtors, and attorney negotiation services for people who have unsecured […]

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  • You will need an attorney who can creditably threaten them with getting nothing at all in a bankruptcy before they may be willing to negotiate a reasonable settlement. That’s where I come in. I can sit down with you and go over your finances personally, and then advise you based on my 23 years of law practice experience what is the best approach to get you that fresh start you want.